Working with communities
to instill dignity, integrity and quality of life.
About us
Masivuke Community Development is a Non–Profit & Equal Employment Opportunity Organisation that is based at Gompo Town, Duncan Village in East London. We aim to uplift our communities by looking after the elderly, orphans and vulnerable Children.

"A helping hand & a forgiving heart will always be remembered"


Masivuke Community Development is grassroots community-based organization that was founded in 2009 and formally registered in 2010 by pensioners irrespective of race, culture, religion or social status and at a later stage was handed to young people to continue working with the community.

Vision To help Communities to make informed decisions about protection and promotion of human rights.

Mission To improve the quality of life of vulnerable members of society, prioritising women, youth, orphans & vulnerable children and LGBTQIA+ community members.


Poverty Alleviation
Alleviate poverty through skills development and networking.

HIV/AIDS Awareness
Awareness education and support for those living with HIV/AIDS.

TB Education
Support and awareness education for suffering with TB(Tuberculosis).

Drug Abuse
Combat the affects and causes of Drug Abuse among youth.

Organic Produce
To encourage and prompt organic food gardening through empowerment.

Healthy Living
Promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the aged and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Skills Development
Empower young people through Skills Development and Training.

Gender Based Violence
Combat Gender Based Violence through education and support.
Our team

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Phumeza Kwababa
Executive Director

Life is like a universe. What is happening, is supposed to happen and you are who you were supposed to be, and no-one chooses to be poor.

Phumeza is a Project Manager and has a National Diploma in Journalism & Media Studies with Damelin.

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Sibulele Nongogo
Sport, Arts & Culture

Let life teach you who you are. Your success is inside you and the intelligence you have is much more powerful than you think and see.

Sibulele is a board member and is responsible for Sport, Art and Cultural activities.

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Siyanda Qwabe
Fund Raising

What you give is what you get.

Siyanda is a board member and is in charge of Fund Raising and is the owner of InamQwabe Trading CC.

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Ntomboxolo Mjekula

The Lord is our Shepherd,... there is no life without him, He is the healer of our strength.

Ntomboxolo is our secretary. She is also a social worker and former student at Fort Hare University.

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Sonwabiso Mseleni
LGBTQIA+ Co-ordinator

Before I do my best , I have to convince myself that being the best, being awesome, amazing and phenomenal is possible.

Sonwabiso is the Program Co-ordinator for our LGBTQIA+ and safe spaces program.

Current projects

After School Program
Masivuke have adopted two Primary Schools in Duncan Village: Nontuthuzelo and Makinana Primary School. We feed over 150 children every Tuesday. The program includes: homework, sport, games and other activities.
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Healthy Living
We also provide care and activities for those who are vulnerable, and the elderly between the ages of 50-85 years. On Wednesdays there is a soup kitchen, exercise, games and even knitting for other aspects of the project.
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Youth Support
The youth of Duncan Village gather together at the centre to give back to the community. Every Monday there are support groups. We engage in youth activities and skills development and address Gender Based Violence.
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LGBTQIA+ Support
The LGBTQIA+ awarenes program exists to create safe spaces and also to address the violation and discrimination of the basic Human Rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.
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Contact us

Physical Address
9 Biyana Drive, Gompo, East London
Contact Details
Phumeza Kwababa
  083 359 5705   WhatsApp   Email us